2018 Ford F-150 Technology Highlights

The 2018 Ford F-150 is available with a range of potent and efficient engines and boasts durable materials for a reliable drive. But the technology powering the F-150 is also noteworthy. Take a look at these 2018 Ford F-150 technology highlights to see just what we mean:


·         A range of safety systems: The 2018 F-150 boasts a slew of safety tech, include available BLIS® (Blind Spot Information…

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The First Ford Vehicle

June 4, 2018 marks the 122nd anniversary of the creation of Henry Ford's first vehicle. Of course, the first Ford vehicle doesn't quite resemble the Fords we love of today, but it does signify an innovative starting point.

Ford Quadricycle 

The Quadricycle

The first Ford was dubbed "the Quadricycle" by the then-32-year-old Henry Ford. Though it sounds like a bicycle, it had a little more power than the bicycles we know today. It donned four large wheels, a frame made from angle iron, and a buggy seat for the driver. The transmission functioned with a leather belt and chain drive…

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3 Famous Movie Fords

While you'll spend most of the summer enjoying those fun outdoor activities, there are occasional rainy days or quiet nights when you'll want to enjoy a movie. Why not combine your love for Ford and your love for movies by catching some of the best movie Fords on screen?

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer 

1972 Gran Torino Sport Gran Torino

With a title like Gran Torino, you would assume that a Gran Torino Ford might appear! This movie, starring Clint Eastwood, focuses on the theft of the grumpy main character's beloved 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport…

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Camping Hacks for Your Next Road Trip

If you’re still bringing pillows and bug spray with you on your camping trips, there are other ways to tackle the great outdoors. These camping hacks will have you saving space, making the most of your resources, and impressing your travel companions.

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Looking Back on the History of the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the most well-known names in the automotive industry. Its origins began over 50 years ago in 1964, when the first-ever production model of the Mustang nameplate debuted at the New York World’s Fair. Since then, the history of the Ford Mustang has been long and filled with success, earning the model recognition as an iconic American muscle car.

 Ford Mustang 

First Mustang Launch

The original Ford Mustang’s launch was…

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Escape To These Local Attractions In Plymouth, IN

One of Ford’s most trusted vehicles for the modern family is the 2018 Ford Escape thanks to its reliability, versatility, and smart design. But once you’ve gotten behind the wheel of a Ford Escape, where should you escape to? Here’s some local activities in Plymouth, Indiana to help you find your next adventure.

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How to Prep Your F-150 for Spring

Now that spring is finally here, many of us are making spring cleaning lists and putting our sweaters away for the year. But there’s another thing that should be on your spring to-do list: car maintenance. These tips will help you prep your F-150 for spring.

 New Car Wash 

Check Fluids

Like all vehicles, your Ford F-150 needs oil to survive and other fluids to run smoothly. Check your truck’s oil, transmission fluid, and coolant to make sure that they’re clear and at the optimum level.

Check Belts

The cold weather of the winter season can cause belts to crack…

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Steps to Take in the Event of an Accident

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are or how many safety features our vehicle has, an accident is unavoidable. If you find yourself in this scary situation, these practical steps can help you handle it as calmly as possible.

 Car Accident 

1. Check Yourself and Your Passengers

In the event of an accident, you’ll want to try to remain as calm as possible. Check first to see that you are ok, then check to see that any passengers in your vehicle are not harmed.


2. Check on Others Involved

Once you’ve checked those in your vehicle, check on those in…

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Lease Or Loan Your New Vehicle At Oliver Ford Sales Inc Today!

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There comes a point when you look at your current vehicle and think, "It's time." Time to say "adios" to your old beat-up car and "hello" to your new Ford model! We know you've been through some good times in your current vehicle. Perhaps your truck has taken you to places you've never thought you'd go or maybe your SUV has been there since the birth of your first born through the birth of your fourth. Whether it's been a good vehicle or a pain in the behind, it's now time to upgrade!


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