2021 Ford Edge Updates | Plymouth, IN

The 2021 Ford Edge is coming soon to Oliver Ford in Plymouth, Indiana. It’s bringing all sorts of cool updates with it, including the latest in Ford infotainment technology and a largest-in-class touch-screen option.

Updates for the 2021 Ford Edge include SYNC® 4A, the innovative new feature also found in the 2021 Mustang Mach-E. SYNC® 4A offers faster processing, cloud-based connectivity, and natural voice recognition as well as the ability to download and install key updates over-the-air. SYNC® 4A also features the Adaptive Dash Cards feature, which makes it easier to quickly access all your favorite apps.

With this new technology comes standard features like wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, meaning you won’t need to plug your smartphone in to connect it to your Edge. You can go totally cable-free with an available wireless charging pad, but the Edge also offers two additional USB charging ports including a fast USB-C port so that everyone can stay juiced up.

Accessing SYNC® 4A is even more intuitive with an available, largest-in-class 12-inch touch-screen display. To make navigating SYNC® 4A easier, this display offers split-screen functionality that lets you multitask more easily.

These are just some of the key changes that make the 2021 Ford Edge an even smarter choice. If you’re on the hunt for a great SUV, check out the new 2021 Edge at Oliver Ford in Plymouth, Indiana.

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