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Ford has its eyes set on the future, and it’s beginning to look electrified.

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North American International Auto Show

On January 15th at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford announced its partnership with Volkswagen AG. They’re coming together in a joint endeavor to accelerate the development of electric and self-driving vehicle technology. The partnership will allow the automakers to pool resources and make strides in the production of more efficient and accessible electric vehicles.

Compact Truck

While research continues in the electric and self-driving realms, Ford and Volkswagen won’t be just twiddling their thumbs. The first project the two auto giants are set to undertake together is the development of a compact pickup truck, designed and manufactured by Ford. The new pick-up will be modeled after the classic Ford Ranger. Both companies will sell the truck under their own badges in South America, Europe, and Africa.

Compact Van

In addition to the compact pickup, Ford and Volkswagen are combining forces to produce a large-scale delivery van and a compact van. The availability of these vans will largely be limited to Europe.


The partnership with Volkswagen will save Ford an estimated $500 million per year. This intelligent manufacturing plan might just mean more money for Ford to spend on further refinements to its beloved lineup of domestic vehicles, like all those we have available today at Oliver Ford

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