Must-Have Items for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

For most drivers, common sense dictates that you should keep a handful of essential tools and safety items in your vehicle in case of an accident or emergency. A first aid kit, flashlight, and bottled water are some of the standards you should have in a vehicle emergency kit, but there are many other items that you should consider. 

Jumper Cables 

Jumper Cables

Almost all of us have either waved down a fellow motorist for a jump or been waved down to assist in one. Don’t let a lack of cables prevent you from being a good Samaritan or from getting back on the road if you should find yourself with a dead battery. These days, a set of cables won’t run you more than $15-20 and they’ll coil up neatly to stow away in your trunk.

Duct Tape

Seriously, duct tape doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Duct tape is strong, water-resistant, and sticks to everything. In the event of a fender bender or a broken mirror, duct tape is the ultimate temporary solution until you can get to a body shop or garage.

Portable USB Charger

Let’s face it: We rely on our phones for everything. Gone are the days of keeping phone books or maps in the glove compartment. Many drivers don’t even have hard copies of their insurance in the car, opting instead for digital documentation on their provider’s mobile app. Don’t get pulled over, caught in a wreck, or find yourself on some strange highway far from home with a dead phone battery. Keep a DC phone charger or fully charged USB battery pack in the car at all times.

These are just some of the essentials you should pack into your vehicle emergency kit. For more helpful tips on what you should have handy, stop into Oliver Ford
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